Big Game Hunting is currently offered in South Africa , Zimbabwe and Mozambique. All our big game hunting areas marked for Dangerous Game hunting is free range areas. All our areas are personaly selected for quality , numbers of game and scenic variaty.   Hunting camps are mainly in the old style made out of luxury safari tents or ensuite chatched chalets located in such a area that brings back memories of a romantic era that past not so long ago. 

Hunting itself are done via walk and stalk method as roads are in some cases very far in between. As the hunting areas are in some cases very remote , a true experience of Africas wildlife wil be encountered. Species like elephant , lion , buffalo , leopard , hippo , croc wil be seen and encountered on a frequient basis. 

A qouta system is in place for most hunting areas and it is advisable to ask us before hand when making your safari reservation what species is stil available for the season . The species booked within your safari package wil be alocated to your name .

Big game hunting is not for the faint hearted, so it is important to prepare yourself fisically and mentaly before arriving to take on Africas Big 5, consult with your outfitter beforehand on what they recomend on preparation for your safari. In most cases you wil be doing some walking, so it is advisable to exsercise before your trip. Some areas require some medical inocilation before hand, like yellow fever and malaria treatments.

Adequate clothing should be looked into as well, footwear is of most inportant. If you are coming well prepared , you wil have a wonderful experience and enjoy the trip as much . Welcome to Africa !